You Have Just Discovered The Future of Presenting!

The demands of modern events are changing and technology is offering great possibilities for interactive multi media installations, which provide an interesting and playful dimension to any small or large event. We are the first to offer touchscreen displays in Greece even just for rental or for tailor made solutions for brand centers and exhibition halls.

Presentations can now be more breathtaking than ever before with ICT smartPerform. Interactive multi-media presentations can be created in no time at all – intuitively, without previous knowledge and with maximum format diversity.

Whether PowerPoint®, Excel, images, videos, websites, PDFs or Flash®- Applications: ICT smartPerform unites all contents in a multiple format presentation interface. Just like an iPad, it can be simply controlled via finger-tip and gestures and you can even change the sequence dynamically at any time.

As well as the unlimited format diversity, you have a free choice of output devices. Due to the unique flexibility of ICT smartPerform you can display your contents and information effortlessly on Notebooks, Tablet-PCs, mobile end devices, Multi-touch-Tables, interactive screens and large format Video Walls.

For an impressive presentation which will make a lasting impression on your customers

Application examples:

    For presentations to boards of management
    For press conferences
    For daily marketing and sales discussions
    At trade fairs
    In showrooms
    For supporting collaborative work